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Aug. 23rd, 2004 @ 06:44 pm Okay, here goes...
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the wedding planning. So much to do! So far I've gotten a very helpful wedding planner called "Anti-Bride Wedding Planner". It's full of wonderful info and has nifty little pockets to stuff papers in at the beginning of every chapter. It's already getting stuffed. I also purchased "The Everything Jewish Wedding" book. It's also full of good advice and much needed wedding halacha. The task of planning this wedding feels overwhelming, though I'm happy with how much we already have done. So far this is what we've got:

*All wedding and bridesmaid's dresses have been purchased, except for dr1nkw4ter's, but she will be in contact with the boutique soon.

*The wedding and reception will be at the Tree of Life Congregation here in Squirrel Hill. (Moshe and I recently became members!) Rabbi Avi Freidman will be performing the ceremony.

*We've registered for everything we could possibly need at Judaism.com, Kaufmann's, and Target.

*We have our wedding party together.

Soon I'll post a "to do" list, I'm too tired to do it right now. Sufficient to say there is still A LOT to do.

Also, I may as well tell everyone that the unofficial date is Feb. 27, 2005, though we may push it up to the end of March, it just depends.
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